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Westgate Academy HERE WE COME!!!

Anna Rapacz-Topiłko i Katarzyna Kubica zapraszają wszystkich do śledzenia naszego pobytu w Westgate Academy w Anglii.

And now let’s switch into English…

06.12.2017 – Westgate Academy – Day 7

It’s our last day here at Westgate Academy. Familiar faces of children, we’ve made friends with, will fade away slowly but the moments spent together will stay deep in our minds and at the bottom of our hearts. It’s truly a heartbreaking moment – leaving teachers, who let us be a part of their staff and enriched us with methods, techniques and knowledge to be used for long lasting effects.

So sorry to do it but it’s time to FLY BACK HOME NOW…

What’s the weather like? The sun is shining, it’s warm and nice outside. In the afternoon the weather changes, the sky is coverd with thick clouds and it’s getting windy.


9:00 – Meeting with the Maths’ leader

13:00 – Indoor PE, RE and Music classes

15:00 – Meeting with the Governor, Mr Philip Bell

Food and drinks:

breakfast – breakfast omelette served with brown toast, Lincolnshire sausage, bacon, tomato and mushrooms

lunch – flat white coffee with double shot and late, a sweet treat – white chocolate cake with Toblerone chocolate with crunchy biscuit bottom.

dinner – just traditional fish&chips wrapped in a daily paper

Free time: getting to the airport by taxi

Things to remember: Dear Santa, I’ve been naughty but I can explain:)

05.12.2017 – Westgate Academy – Day 6

What’s the weather like? Cloudy and wet or as a poet might say “a typical English weather”.


9:00 – Assessment

13:00 – Extracurricular activities meeting

14:00 – Meeting with a teacher of English and discussing issues over the curriculum.

Food and drinks:

breakfast – Lincolnshire sausages, bacon rashers, eggs, hash browns, beans, mushrooms, tinned tomato and toast

lunch – Jacket potato with chicken curry and cheese, Panini with chicken and cheese with BBQ sauce, baguettes with bacon, cranberry and brie, late.

dinner – yoghurt with nuts and grains, banana and chocolate cupcakes and green tea.

Free time: hmm, packing time, actually, and buying souvenirs

Things to remember: you should always know how long you are going to stay in a place and multiply it by £50. Oh, and it’s good to have an expandable suitcase:)

04.12.2017 – Westgate Academy – Day 5

What’s the weather like? Shining sun, warmth on our cheeks, the temperature is above zero level.


9:00 – Assessment and Maths meetings. AL provision and Nurture provision meetings – teaching immigrant children.

10:00 – Time to look at materials in Green Room and an opportunity to see some techniques used to maintain discipline live.

13:00 – Art lesson and Art leader meeting.

14:00 – Technology lesson – focusing on the materials and structure of objects around us.

Food and drinks:

breakfast – wheat flour pancakes with apple jelly, cereals with milk, coffee

lunch – VEGAN TODAY! – tofu, mushroom and spinach quiche with salad, chick peas and parsnip with curry and rice, poached eggs on a thick loaf of bread, flat white coffee and late one.

dinner – oriental buffet (spring rolls, chicken Foo Young, beef chop suey, shrimp chow mein, pan fried noodle and rice in shrimp stew, jelly, fresh melon and marshmallows in deep chocolate with sprinkle icing)

Free time: Christmas fayre – Christmas market with stalls full of games, lotteries and raffles, and the Santa’s Grotto with real St Nick.

Things to remember: Eat, love and pray, errrrr….. eat less:)

03.12.2017 – Westgate Academy – Day 4

What’s the weather like? It’s one of the warmest day of our stay here but with some clouds above.

Timetable: Visiting Lincoln castle with its medieval walls and Victorian prison. The imprisonment display was extremely horrifying and disgusting.

Wandering in the old town and admiring Christmas preparations.

Food and drinks:

breakfast – full English breakfast with baked beans, fried sausages, poached eggs and grilled tomatoes served with a piece of toast and a glass of fresh orange juice.

lunch – Yorkshire pudding with roast beef, thick gravy and mashed peas.

dinner – coffee and ice lemonade at Starbucks’ with a kiwi cupcake.

Free time: It’s Sunday, isn’t it?

Things to remember: It’s always time for coffee and hot chocolate with ginger.

02.12.2017 – Westgate Academy – Day 3

What’s the weather like? It’s warmer than yesterday. The sun is shining bright and dazzles your eyes. No wind at all, clear sky. A perfect day in the middle of autumn.


9:00 – Leadership meeting with the Governor Mr Michael Belcher.

10:00 – Guided tour over Lincoln.

Food and drinks:

breakfast – buckwheat pancakes with jelly and maple syrup, porridge and toasts with jam, coffee as usual.

lunch – chicken curry with rice and chicken tikka with pano bread, instant coffee (unluckily, we haven’t asked the waiter if they brew coffee before) mango and coconut pasta and onion chutney.

dinner – French onion soup and tomato soup, rice with cauliflower and peas sauce, homemade brownie with soya ice-cream, green tea.

Free time:  visiting Lincoln Cathedral (first built in 1092) and having the under the roof tour, more charity shops (shopping for clothes and souvenirs), taking part in an advent procession inside the cathedral, singing along with the choir (the WOW effect guaranteed, goose bumps all over the body, unforgettable experience).

Things to remember: greatest memories are those which hit you by accident and make you want to cry not because of sorrow but of unexpected.

01.12.2017 – Westgate Academy – Day 2

What’s the weather like? The pavements are really slippery, Mrs Rapacz-Topiłko has almost hit the ground but everything ended up well. Windy weather and clear sky. You can feel the gleam of sun on your cheeks.


9:00 – Assembly – The headmaster gathered all children to award a few of them with the stars for Excellence, Respect, Teamwork, Positivity and Self-Belief. This way of glorifying students makes them work better and be more challenging.

10:00 – Guided reading – teachers focus on proper reading comprehension.

11:00 – Maths – We observe how pupils are educated on all subjects and what the practices of schools are.

13:00 – French lesson – gathered in a circle, children learnt some French vocabulary. We also took part in the lesson, presenting facts about Poland and famous Polish people and answering questions asked by very curious young listeners.

14:30 – Family Support and Additional Needs meeting – learning how to cope with students’ problems and acquiring techniques for working with stubborn ones.

Food and drinks:

breakfast – porridge and scones with or without raisins, this time, coffee with coconut milk.

lunch – baguettes with bacon, cranberry and brie, a piece of coffee-cream cake with a touch of orange and a piece of carrot one.

dinner – French onion soup, pasta with broccoli and anchois, apple shortcrust with custard and vanilla ice-cream.

Free time: getting lost in the city (Google Maps didn’t help us anyhow), visiting some charity shops.

Things to remember: reasoning is the key to find solutions to problems (Maths!) and you should always choose a sensible partner for your work.

30.11.2017 – Westgate Academy – Day 1

Pobudka 7 rano. Pieszo do Westgate Academy. Wita nas spora grupa uczniów szkoły podstawowej. Wszyscy w mundurkach, zostawiają swoje lunchboxy outside:) Pierwsze uściski rąk z nauczycielami i uczniami, pierwsze uśmiechy i nieśmiałe „Hello, nice to meet you”. Spotkanie z dyrektorem szkoły, panem Richardem Stock’iem i wicedyrektor, panią Anną Cross.

Oprowadzono nas po szkole, wykładzina na podłogach, przeszklone drzwi, kolorowe ściany i gazetki tematyczne wokół, maleńka przytulna biblioteka z wygodnymi sofami pośrodku korytarza.

What’s the weather like? Freezing cold – cold red noses, shrinking hands, icy road. Sunny, but it doesn’t help, anyway:) A bit of sun for a lovely start.


10:00 – Leadership meeting – we’re observing and learning about the way of managing school. We have external school evaluation.

11:00 – ICT lesson – we can see how information and communication technology is used by teachers and students in and outside classes, and observe some lessons with the use of ICT. We also observe the way children are being taught reading.

12:00 – Lunchtime

13:00 – Science lesson – children have been learning the way acid and sugar affects teeth.

14:30 – ICT and sign language – a very entertaining lesson presenting the topic of World War II with the use of sign language.

Food and drinks:

breakfast – scones with raisins, porridge with maple syrup, toasts with homemade jam, and coffee with almond milk.

lunch – a bowl of sweet corn soup with a slice of homemade bread

dinner – Fish and chips with mashed peas, Topped Crispy Potato Skins, Zoot Burger, Chicken Risotto, regular tea with milk

Free time: sightseeing the city – Lincoln is being prepared for the Christmas Market.

Things to remember: it isn’t difficult to maintain discipline on a lesson without rising your voice:) No free spaces on walls in classrooms – topics are linked together.


Lotnisko Katowice – Pyrzowice. Gotowe do działania (job shadowing), wyruszamy do Westgate Academy w Lincoln (Lincolnshire) w UK.

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